Graffiti Lux Legs!

Resa wearing my poppies!!!!!

Lovely Resa,

from graffiti lux and murals

bought 2 pairs of leggings

from my art shop at Society6

and just posted some photos

of her with my Poppies leggings

on her blog: here

How lucky am I to have such a gorgeous model!
Graffiti Lux Legs – by Marina Kanavaki.


Thank you, my dear Resa!!!!!!!!!  xxxxxx

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    • Thank you, my dear Francina! Resa rocks! Already mid next week since your comment [sorry for the late response], so have a wonderful Wednesday and rest of this week! 🙂 Groetjes! 🙂 xxxx

  1. I love those leggings… Amd Resa nailed the swag and poppies he! 🙂

    By the way I am wondering if I there is a chance I could get those ones or any other stuff from your shop delivered to Argentina!?… Please let me know if so… And if it is safe (meaning If I will definitely receive them)

    Happy weekend dear Marina! Hugs!. Aquileana ⭐

    • She really nailed them – I agree! She is a gem!
      S6 ships worldwide, so Argentina included and if you wait for the ‘free shipping’ offer twice every month, you pay no shipping! As for safety, well, friends of mine and I have received orders here in Greece [may take a little longer appx 20 days – but it always arrives and in tact!], so I don’t see why Argentina would be a problem! 🙂
      Weekend is nearly over so have a wonderful Sunday evening and week ahead! 🙂 xxxx + hugs!

  2. Fine art
    When the art of creativity most beautiful, as well as to cure the ills of the soul, those of beauty care.
    You’re good, Marina, and your creativity surrounds, beautiful, life of those who follow you.
    A hug from Italy


    • Ah, my dear Ninni, if only we could cure the ills of the soul with creativity… I’d be thrilled if my work helped a little towards healing and happiness …just a little would be the world to me! 🙂
      Thank you for those lovely words, my kind friend!
      A hug back 🙂

  3. My dear Marina… XXXXOOO
    Your art is outstanding, & the leggings rock!
    I can hardly wait to show my other pair to everyone!
    Many hugs!

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