As Above So Below No19

As Above So Below No19

Technique: Watercolor • Dimensions: 20x29cm

Zooming in…
As always, here are 3 images / details from the above painting. Interesting to discover more images within the painting! 😉
As Above So Below No19 • Detail 1
As Above So Below No19 • Detail 2
As Above So Below No19 • Detail 3

If you wish to know more about the painting [concept, price & availability] or if you see something you like that has sold, I am happy to paint something similar as a commission, please get in touch at
My paintings are also available on art prints – framed or on canvas at Imagekind and specially designed on various everyday products at Society6[US] / Society6[Europe]


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  1. I love this!
    After I post my new Art Gown, I’m going to try some more art towards a show. LOVE THIS!!

    • Brilliant!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!! [for both!] 😊😘😍🤗😊😘😍🤗😊😘😍🤗😊😘😍🤗😊😘😍🤗😊😘😍🤗😊😘😍🤗😊😘😍🤗😊😘😍🤗

  2. I like this style – simple with a touch of abstract. The mirror-reversed aspect with different colors within the palate is good for the mind and eyes.

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