the blue… leftovers

Okay, ‘the Blue, no more’, however, a week later, I miss it and I needed my sea fix to get me through summer days ahead.
Mind you, it’s been raining here, but summer it is …still, so without any comments, here are some more photos from my days in Theologos Bay, Greece.
…and I thought I’d add a cameo appearance by miss pointy ears herself… queen Hera gazing at the sea!
And so I’ll end a beautiful albeit short trip and with the hope everyone’s safe and smiling…


I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!


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  1. From the abstract nature of some, the wonderful contrast of the second, to the sky of dusk … simply an outstanding collection … and all provide good memories of a wonderful week away.

    • Oh, yes, good memories indeed! So happy you enjoyed the collection, my friend! Hope you’re having a great week and ….if you can [our moon is nowhere to be seen :-(] look for the moon tonight! Yamas!

  2. Dear Marina, Hera so good to see, 🙂 and this was most definitely a great tonic to set me up for the week ahead.. The ocean lifts my spirit, as much a the forests .. Sending you so much love, and may the rain pass you by and leave only rainbows and sunshine..
    Love to you dear friend ❤

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