summer rains…

So far, it’s been a summer with a weather variety. From 45ºC to 20ºC back to 35ºC so on…
That variety included quite a few rainy days, or days with such heavy clouds that one would wonder why it never actually rained!.
This post is dedicated to rain. Summer or not, these were shots I took of rainy days.
…they also serve as coolers for hot days!
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#summer #rain …

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Enjoy the rest of the week…


On a happy note… weekend is just a day away!

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  1. Seeing storms approach is always interesting. The hills also give perspective. The touch of color in some of the pics is a pleasant surprise. For me, the first three pics set the stage! 🙂 Cheers my friend!

    • First one was from Theologos. When rain approaches, it’s always so spectacular. You can see it coming, so beautiful to watch!
      Thank you, my friend! 🙂 🙂

  2. Fab photos of those heavy rain-bearing clouds! What a variation in temps you’ve had. I’m hoping we get some promised heavy rain during tomorrow. It’s getting pretty parched here!

  3. Good thing I was wearing my yellow slicker with the orange polka-dots when I looked at this post. And a doubly good thing I had a protective lid on my dish of ambrosia… ☔️🍨😋

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