EBM Flashback and a Dedication…

tvabstract ©Marina Kanavaki 2019 • my contribution to EBM scene…

Dedicated by and for my good friend Charlie*

a song by

The Klinik

Go Back

album: Pain and Pleasure [1986]

He reminded me of a time I listened to alot of EBM/Industrial music...
…and triggering memories resulted to this
[I hope you enjoy!]

Nitzer Ebb – Lightning Man

album: Showtime [1990]

KMFDM – Sex On the Flag

album Money [1992]

Meat Beat Manifesto – Genocide

album Armed Audio Warfare [1990]

Clock DVA – Velvet Realm

album Buried Dreams [1989]

Portion Control – Brain Scraper Death Dive

album Psycho Bod Saves the World [1986]

Nine Inch Nails – Sanctified

album Pretty Hate Machine [1989]

…and saved best for last….

Ministry – Scarecrow

album ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ [1992]

It’ll be my pleasure if anyone wishes to contribute with their own memories of EBM circa 80’s – early 90’s, in the comments section.


Enjoy the weekend, everyone!!!!

* about Charlie:

Charlie Zero the Poet is a surrealist, avant-garde, experimenter & editor.  He has been writing poetry for 18 years, Cut Up poetry style for 8 years, inspired by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin.  He’s quite a recluse person, writes constantly every day, and wonders the universe in his mind, exploring sci-fi psychedelic neurons.

…and blows us away with his surREAL and amazing poetry!

Haven’t read his poetry? Go here asap: Charlie Zero The Poet

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