September restart…

Ninth month of the year.

A starter and first month of Autumn

…also, my favorite season!


For more information on this month, check my Sapphire Nine post

Time for a restart…

Enjoy September, everyone!

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  1. The falling leaves
    Drift by my window
    The falling leaves
    Of gold and red
    The wind blows cold
    I come inside now
    To eat ambrosia
    By the fire instead…

    –from “Ode To A Grecian Dessert”

    • The falling leaves
      Drift by your window
      The falling leaves
      Of gold and red
      The wind blows cold
      You go inside now
      To eat ambrosia
      By the fire instead
      The ambrosia sent
      By the gods above
      The ambrosia sent
      To the almighty Mark
      The almighty Mark

      The almighty Mark…

      -from “Ode by a plagiarist fan”
      …with gratitude!

  2. Autumn has started early here Marina but for the first time in six years I’m actually enjoying it and the darker nights swiftly drawing in. I hope your September is good too my friend 😊

  3. Thank you Marina, the weather is turning already, but Autumn is rich with colour and harvests..
    I think each season holds it own magic..
    Thank you for sharing your own artistic Magic with us Marina..
    Much love your way my friend ❤ Enjoy the rest of your week.. And hold onto Sept, it will soon fly as fast as the rest of the year.. ❤ 🍁🍂💛🧡

    • Weather turning here too. It’s true about the unique magic of seasons, it’s just that September has a special place in my heart. It’s the slightly melancholy mood of carefree summer leaving and desperately and flamboyantly trying to show off warm colors before the arrival of winter…
      Thank you, Sue… much much love to you and many hugs! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      PS I heard that 2020 will be a year that’ll go in a zap! I dread to think that!!!! 😉

  4. Happy September, Marina! Hey… did you notice how Happy & Hera start with the same letter!

  5. Hello September! I am probably at odd with many folks, but I don’t like summer…too hot, but when September arrive, I feel some freshness coming back and the colors, the year second start…:) So thank you Marina!

  6. Hanging on for the dear life of that 9 minute summer culminating in the the 9th month, never in a hurry to see it arrive, as it is that month that confirms I am another slice older, still looking for wiser.

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