Calendar 2020 heads up!

Last year I was unable to design a calendar on time for 2019.
This year however, after months of planning and designing, I did it!
So, I’m happy to announce that in a few days I’ll have my first copy of my wall calendar, in my hands!

This year’s calendar is titled “As Above so Below”, inspired by my watercolor series exhibited at my solo painting exhibition a few months ago.
28 pages – 13 paintings – Each month on a page with information on moon phases [anyone doubted I’d add those?!!!], eclipses and equinoxes. Info in English and Greek.
Dimensions: 30x42cm • Binding: Wire-O [ready for wall mounting]
The calendar is designed entirely by me, so any mistakes… I am to blame! 😉

Here’s a peak…

This year I decided to sell it myself and not through a P.O.D.* platform, like I did with my previous calendars. Eventhough the quality was fine, there were some things I found lacking, so I decided to do it myself, regardless of the cost.
Each one will be packaged and sent by myself [DNA et all!]

As a bonus, each calendar will also be signed by me.

Anyone who wishes to pre-order, they’re welcome to, just as a note, in a comment, or my mailbox: . It would help me figure out the quantity needed. Price is not calculated yet, although -from the cost of printing- I’m guessing it will be around $19 / 18€ + shipping cost. So just a note would help [no strings attached!]. I will also be donating part of the proceedings for a good cause [anyone who knows me have already guessed where to!]. The rest will help the artist get more paint and paper, for more Marina art! 😉
I’m so excited and looking forward to get it in my hands!!!!!

*P.O.D.= Print On Demand

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  1. I’m in for 1!! Is it from the same place where I can use my PayPal? It doesn’t matter where it’s from, I just need to use PayPal!
    (I did an above below with x’s and o’s)

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