Out of focus…

Lately our days have become sympathetic to British weather!

These photos aren’t in fact out of focus…

they just had nothing to focus on!

For a few days we’ve been having a rather unpleasant foggy and dump weather.

The buildings of the city were airbrushed away, dissolving to the blue sky.

Sunrise left us wondering whether the sun would appear. Appear it did, but so pale that the rays wouldn’t pierce through the fog.

There was however one morning somewhat rewarding, regardless of the misty weather…

Tuesday leaving…

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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    • I was just browsing through my daily photo crop from my walk on a hill I so enjoy going to… if I don’t make it today, probably tomorrow you’ll get more Athens! 😉

      • Awesome! Will look forward to it! 🌃 I saw some interesting things today while out shopping but had my hands full with bags… In the cold too.. which inhibits my # of takes. 🙂

        • 😉 I’m sure that you’ll be provided with many more interesting things to capture!!!!!! …and with available hands too! 😉 Posted. Not much, but it was fun. After all can’t expect much with a mobile camera… still they serve as a reminder [mainly to me] of what my eyes saw! 🙂

            • ☺️☺️☺️☺️ unfortunately, as I am usually up there with a doggy, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll be able to carry a camera! So, I have to settle with …’going mobile… keep me movin’ Hee, hoo Beep beep!’ 😉

              • There’s something so ‘archetypal’ about looking at a city from a hill… like Hannibal contemplating his next conquest… or two kids playing on a hillside… apparently there’s a great view of Jerusalem from a hill too.. ( I read that… never been there) 😂

                • Hannibal hmmmm…. 🤔 😉
                  I remember parts of a trip with my parents to Jerusalem… but as I was 9ish, not much. With 50 degrees C+, I recall desperately trying to find shelter under a very thin shadow of an almost bare [and only] tree next to the crying wall and then walking up Golgotha Hill… Now I’m …slightly older[!] I’d appreciate my visit much much more!

                  • I can only imagine what actually going there would be like. I must say, though, that busloads of ‘pilgrims’ paying thousands of bucks to get closer to God… well, I don’t think that’s my way. I often say to fam and friends that if I could just be like an angel… and travel without all the hassle! Now “that would be something” (Paul McC.) 😊 The man with a song for every occasion! 😊

                    • Ah, yes indeed [on both]. We were actually on a cruise [Egypt / Jerusalem / Ephesus / Rhodes]. I seriously doubt that spending lots of money would get one closer to God. As for P McC… well, yes he does. I still haven’t listened to his last album [although hubby says it’s yet another good one …surprise surprise] I really enjoyed his “Memory Almost Full” [brilliant title btw]… 🙂

                    • I sorta lost touch with Paul after Press to Play. And then I liked some of that LP that had the song “Peace in the neighborhood” and “Wine dark open sea” or something like that. Speaking of memory full I’m turning into a bit of a pumpkin. Nap time here. Its been an absolute pleasure ‘jammin’ with you today on the blogs. Hopefully catch ya on the flip flop (north american CB talk… Not sure if that registers in Greece!) 🙂

    • How come I see this now?!!!!!!
      Stupid huh?!!!!! Well, nature doesn’t ask questions… we’re just her tiny pawns used for her amusement! 😉
      You nearly got me with Leonardo! 😉
      Your kisses have been given to H [even with a month delay!]

  1. There is a beauty to fog amidst the unpleasantness and I very much enjoy your photographs of it. I didn’t used to like it years ago but then I started going out in it early morning and found peace and solace amidst it; something about the dampening of sound and the calm still atmosphere (I dislike wind; find it stressful). Since we moved to Wales we have had very little fog and in a way I miss it. It was part of childhood so I guess there is a nostalgia element. XX

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