Koimamai vatheia • Deeply I sleep… [Never & Nothing, 2004]

A song from my first solo album “Never & Nothing” [Pote & Tipota] with poems by Elias Petropoulos
This album was first released by Virgin/EMI, in 2000
and later rearranged and produced with Oannes, re-released in 2004.
It was our first collaboration before forming …MK-O!

• Composed, arranged & performed by Marina Kanavaki

• Poems: Elias Petropoulos

• Rearranged and produced by Marina Kanavaki and Oannes

…with my very sincere apologies to Elias [who is no longer living thus unable to scold me] here is a translation of his poem.

Kimame vathia… / Deeply I sleep…

I sleep deeply and dream
and I see me in a coffin.
It seems, I was killed by a car
so someone else has the criminal liability.
I wake up agitated
and open the Oneiromancer [dream decoder]
which interprets my nightmare
as imminent success in love.

[The male voice at the beginning of the song is Elias’ voice recorded on my answering machine]

As a note, I sing this poem reading it backwards, from last word to the beginning.
with Elias • Paris, 1990
As I wrote then in my introduction:

I am grateful to the poet

Forever and for Everything

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  1. I dreamed I was in a coffin once, but a golden angel appeared and gave me an ambrosia-flavored throat lozenge, and I stopped coffin… 🍨👍

    Wow. This is incredible. A look back into your creative origins when you were an Olympus U. exchange student. That voice, that album cover photo– we’re talkin’ major chills here! You ruffled the feathers on my goose bumps, and that’s always a good thing. Thanks for sharing that, dear Marina, and I do hope you’re reading this comment backwards!! 😊

    • Oh, I read it backwards and straight and back again and round round my head is spinning round and round and whoosh I’m on cloud 9!!!! Not even Zeus is taking me down!!!! 🥴🤯🤩😊🌪☁️🌬🌪☺ …wait, ambrosia fountain on your way with my eternal gratitude! …now I may return to my ☁️9🙄

  2. That is one wonderful, fantastic piece of music. OMG! You are so very talented, dear Marina!
    I loved everything about this… your voice is superb!
    It’s an honour to know you!
    Give Hera some sugar (love) from me, and always be you. You are amazing.
    Much love and respect, Resa

  3. Most interesting… I sleep deeply and dream, and I see me in a coffin. ‘Tis a memorable first, that I can’t help but think, ‘how very Greek be these lyricks’, as in a Greek tragedy, and the kind of introductory musical voice lament, that fits well with your said lyricks, both of which expressions being of a rather macabre ambience. It would be interesting to hear a sample of one of your most resent recordings so as to witness hearing the evolution of your work over the last 15 years.
    All it seems whom has a bend for creating verse in song or in verse, seem eventually at some point to deal with mortality of a kind. An example, with a few lines of one of my poems from somewhere back then…

    I am made wait
    To come alive,
    Unlikely though
    I’ll realize,
    Beyond a state
    Of living dead,
    For destined fate
    Chose so my stead…

    And so my artistic friend, I believe we have common influences…

    • Indeed, my friend, mortality will come up one way or another especially to artists – thank you for your beautiful poem!- Petropoulos who wrote this, was -as I like to call him- a sentimental cynic, and this is very much felt in his poems too. My/our latest recording is Ether with Oannes (MK-O) , recorded in 2015 (https://m.soundcloud.com/mk-o). I never considered myself a singer, I just use my voice to complement my compositions.
      Yes, we do have common influences indeed! 😀

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