A little dedication…

This is for a longtime friend here at WP who’s decided to give his blog a hiatus… [we hope 😉 ] but he knows better!
The friend I’m talking about is Frank [A Frank Angle]
I’m sure most of my friends know him already. For those who don’t though, he is having a Farewell Music Fest today, so I invite everyone to go visit and add their songs as a warm farewell.
from our colab “On Blue”

So, Frank, this is for you… something with a little bit of Greece in it 😉

Jon & Vangelis

I’ll find my way home
from our colab “On Blue”
Check here his final timeline of posts till February 4: On the Closing Ceremonies – The Schedule


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  1. This is lovely Marina. I think I originally met you through Frank! He has delivered a consistently refreshing blog and really tied his readers together into a community. I’m going to miss him. Thank you for this lovely musical tribute.

  2. You introduced me to Frank A. He’s clearly a brave blogger of the first degree. I’ve already recorded So Long It’s been good to know ya, but will need to send something better. All the best to Frank!

  3. Lovely tribute, Marina. I’m heading to Frank’s now. I do feel a bit sad!

  4. Thanks for the reminder – I knew he was wrapping up his blog, but didn’t realize it was today. Been over there listening (and posting) for the farewell concert…

  5. A lovely choice. I love this duo. Your video did not work for me so I give you another version (just in case anyone else can’t watch!)

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