Fading Away… Mandala

A few days ago, I posted some photos of the fading view of the city behind a fading, rusty wire… [Fading Away…]
Graham, a good friend and amazing photographer/artist,
sent me his Mandala as a gift [really made my day!]
inspired by one of those shots.

Honored and very very happy,

I introduce to you, his:

Mandala #101 – Fading away

© Copyright G A Stephen. All rights reserved.

a MandalaVihara / Marina Kanavaki co-production

Graham posts his work here:




For my friends who haven’t seen his work… you’ll thank me! 😉

I’m including the photos from the post.
So, which one did he use?

Speaking of Mandala the first video shows the construction and destruction of a sand Mandala by the Dalai Lama, filmed by Werner Herzog
Second video is Nepalese music – Mandala

A beautiful Sunday everyone!

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  1. This Mandala is wonderful. My guess is that it was inspired by the 2nd of your photos. The background and the pattern-like straight intersecting lines of rusted wire are similar. Have a beautiful Sunday, yourself!

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