One February Moon

A day after this month’s Full Moon,
I caught the moon frolicking with the clouds.
In fact they were frolicking with my camera too
which refused to focus.
Disgraceful I know, but I couldn’t find
the manual focus in the dark,
so all -literally with no exception-
came out completely out of focus.
Yet there was something about them…
well, the material was a tad …tampered! 😉
So, with ‘Scheherazade‘ playing,
here is:

One February Moon




I’ve added the video twice, from different sources

A wonderful weekend!

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  1. The beauty of the moon can’t be faded by our little imperfect ways of capturing it. Even when I look at it without my glasses 🙂 it is nevertheless still beautiful! Your last photo with the black clouds is stunning! It always seems to me the moon with clouds moving across is more beautiful…hugs!

  2. One of my most favourite thoughts about moons is captured in this quote: “Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: – you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” e. e. cummings

    • Ah, Frank… that would have been the best one too if only I could switch to manual focus, so I edited quite s bit to get that lovely cloud… So glad you enjoyed it and even happier to see you here. Miss you (we all do actually!) Yamas! 🙂😊

      • Def a compliment! I should explain: I have this book downstairs about contemporary witchcraft and the unattractive cover has this very stark white moon on jet black bgnd. For me it conjures up an unpleasant feeling… and I have only glanced through the book… never read it fully.
        However, the warmth and color included in your spread keeps things in the comfort zone, unlike the stark cover of my book. 👀

            • Still, I see what you mean…I think it may have been that greenish color!
              I had a similar ‘problem’ with a book by Lovecraft [The Curse] which depicted a mummy in an open casket. Never read the book! 😉 I suppose I was very young [7! when I saw it and it …haunted me for a while! 😉 ] Today I just laugh when I look at it! 😉

              • Yeah, it’s funny how we mellow. The actual book here is very black and white with no green tint. And honestly, I wondered in my first post if it was ‘paganism” or not… which it was. ‘Witchcraft’ is included in the book along with many other things… Earth Spirituality, etc. It looks fairly scholarly. I think I bought it for a buck or two when a chain store was going out of biz… and closer to the time I converted to RCC… I was a bit of an extremist at the beginning… until I saw through a few things! Thanks for your understanding. You’re great! 😊👍🙏😇✨

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