One February Moon

A day after this month’s Full Moon,
I caught the moon frolicking with the clouds.
In fact they were frolicking with my camera too
which refused to focus.
Disgraceful I know, but I couldn’t find
the manual focus in the dark,
so all -literally with no exception-
came out completely out of focus.
Yet there was something about them…
well, the material was a tad …tampered! 😉
So, with ‘Scheherazade‘ playing,
here is:

One February Moon




I’ve added the video twice, from different sources

A wonderful weekend!

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  1. The beauty of the moon can’t be faded by our little imperfect ways of capturing it. Even when I look at it without my glasses 🙂 it is nevertheless still beautiful! Your last photo with the black clouds is stunning! It always seems to me the moon with clouds moving across is more beautiful…hugs!

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    • Ah, Frank… that would have been the best one too if only I could switch to manual focus, so I edited quite s bit to get that lovely cloud… So glad you enjoyed it and even happier to see you here. Miss you (we all do actually!) Yamas! 🙂😊

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