Just trying to be…

In the midst of multiple crises
many of them global,
like that regal virus
which shows an intention
of embracing the whole world,
we’re all just trying to live our lives,
trying to be.
There is however someone
who continues her journey on this planet,
Here she is,
on her way to spring.
Tiny flowers first…

This one has a bonus… a tiny insect! [probably the one responsible for the ‘imperfections’ on her petals!]
All the above flowers are really tiny!

Next time you feel overwhelmed by life’s trials,
look around you.
Nature goes on.
So should we.

and here’s the title song:

Just Trying to Be

Jethro Tull

from Benefit [1970]

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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  1. Love this, Marina! Your nature shots are wonderful. As for the imperfections left by the insect: we are no one, not a species without them. Of course cockroaches and bedbugs are are true pests.
    I’m sure Hera hates fleas. Nonetheless, we are not, without them.

    • So very very true!!!!!! ….that goes for the insects you mention too… well we’re human, with our imperfections, right?! 😉😉😉😉😉😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Hello from sunny Vancouver – spring has come and the world is alive with hope and freshness. A marvelous post to remind us that we must live in the moments and feel the warmth of a new season.

  3. Just beautiful Marina… Nature is always just trying to BE.. and if we just follow her lead, and just BE also instead of fear-,mongering, we will find Nature and ourselves with thrive…
    Loved all of those images…. A breath of fresh air…. ❤ Much love returned Marina.. ❤

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