Spring Equinox 2020

Actually, this year it was yesterday, March 19, the earliest in 124 years! Originally Spring Equinox was March 21st but that was changed to the 20th, which is when Spring Equinox falls, marking the beginning of Spring.
March or Vernal or Spring Equinox with the Sun standing directly above the equator resulting to day and night [approximately] equal.

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent Visible: 13,4%↓ Age: 26 days

These are all shots of blooms from my balcony.
…the unintentional blur was the wind which then became intentional after digital edit! 😉


and safe

Spring Equinox


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  1. Yes, we have no flowers, today! But you do, and thank you, dear Marina, for sharing them!
    Happy Spring Equinox 😀 😀
    Love and hugs all around!

    • You soon will too! Happy Spring Equinox and many many hugs and kisses and love!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah!
        I’m listening to your Korsakov selection, as i type. It’s fabulous. I listened to the selections on Onnes blog today! What music!

    • Cheers to the new season, my friend and thank you so much! We had quite a few warm breaks this winter, so I guess some bloomed earlier! Here’s to Spring! Yamas! 🍷:-)

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