On Trees…

While on the …Home Series
I’ve been digging in the past.
In another time…
and guess what…
trees were my favorite subject as soon as I got my first pen and paper!
Strange thing is,
I remember drawing these!

Den ipirxa / I have never been…

from the my solo album Pote & Tipota [Never & Nothing] released by Virgin EMI in 2000.
Poem by Elias Petropoulos • Music: Marina Kanavaki

I have never been unhappy
I coexist in harmony
with my innate melancholy.

A beautiful weekend, everyone


Stay Safe!

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  1. Oh wow how precious to see these early forays into art! Thank you for sharing – I loved seeing these wonderful pieces. Your talent was there even then – my childhood pieces are just messy black blobs! 😀

  2. Your young trees are fab! I love trees, too!
    Do you follow Timothy at Off Center and Not Even? https://offcenternoteven.com/
    Anyway, he does lots of great nature pics, and more. He has 7 cats! LOL
    So, he has these trees, cottonwoods mostly. I have one dedicated to me. I picked it out and requested it. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Holly has a dead one, and it’s marvellous. It makes a Heart, and Holly named it her Tangle-Hear tree. I use it in the adventures of Princess Blue Holly. I use my tree too.
    Well, if you are interested, Tim has a tree that you could have. That would be great, cause I would use it in the PBH stories as well! You could name it whatever you want!
    JUST a thought!

    Will listen to Den ipirxa / I have never been… as soon as Richter Plays Liszt is done!

    • Aww…. thank you!
      I didn’t know his blog… I just visited and he has remarkable photos and a beautiful blog [following now!] Thank you for drawing my attention! I’m not quite sue how I pick a tree… but as soon as I finish with this blog re-arrangement, I’ll go back and check it out!
      much much love to you
      and many hugs!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Ah, thank you so much Mary Jo! I remember the joy of drawing that and thinking hmmm, and here is a river and flowers and grass, oh and the sky and the sun…. all in amazement! It’s so strange having that connection so fresh in my mind… xoxo

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