The Life of Flowers…

…that is
balcony flowers.
filling my view
with color
and joy.


Here they are
Rosemary • Aloe • Orange succulent flower
White Azalea
Red Cyclamen
Lilac Tree [the scent is out of this world!]
Orange Succulents
Red Wild Rose buds
Red/Pink Carnation
Pink Daisy
Pink/red carnation
Purple fussy flower [!]
Rosemary • Orange Succulents • Aloe
Pink/white Azalea
Lilac Tree
Red wild rose


and two songs
from Stevie Wonder
The Secret Life of Plants [1979]

Come Back as a Flower

vocals Syreeta Wright


The Secret Life of Plants


Stay safe everyone! 🏡


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  1. That’s some fab balcony you have! No flowers here, yet. However, I have my houseplants (about 50 & lots of massive ones) and the giant begonias just finished shooting up their big spiky flowers. I never thought of taking pics. Next time!
    Thank you for this beauty. It is much needed and well received!

    • Oh, you’ll soon see the flowers! 50 plants!!!!!! Wow! I hope you do take pics!
      Not being able to walk that beautiful hill this time of year, made me turn to my own plants.
      Sending much much love to you and many many kisses too!
      and Hera’s wagging her tail wildly!

  2. Hey Marina, I liked all of these but the Red Wild Rose buds really spoke to me most as a photo (with Red Cyclamen coming in as a close second), so I Pinned it thru AddToAny addon which makes it possible to choose which exact image to post to Pinterest (instead of the button at the bottom of your post which only enables one image). Pls let me know if this is not okay, either here or privately thru my contact form at You are the last person on Earth I would want to alienate! 😀 Very nice composition! 👌🙏

    • I was tempted to pull your leg a bit but I suppose the times we’re living are joke intolerant! By all means… i have no problem at all!!!!! 🙂 and thank you for your lovely words. I also love that wild rose. Last year when i got it it was tiny, about the size of my hand!
      Have a beautiful Wednesday!

      • Well thank you. Do you remember the old French magazine Réalités? Maybe just before your time, I’m not sure. Anyhow, the wild rose against the background is definitely Réalités material!
        I know what you mean about humor. It’s a fine line. Remember, however, that so-called ‘gallows humor’ can have a positive effect and, indeed, is normal. Some soldiers probably made grim jokes on the boat at D-DAY. I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s human. 🙂

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