Above & Below

…no, not mine for a change!

After years of painting “As Above So Belows
trust Nature
to show me this:
Brought an instant smile!

Roots To Branches

Jethro Tull

and from


whose birthday is today,
May 22:

Reel Around The Fountain

The Smiths

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  1. You found your roots of inspiration!
    So above, So below is a very inspired thought. I do know your inspiration is an organic happening, but who knew you would find its living metaphor?
    Fantastic! I know the music, so will listen later. I’m still handling all of the Prince music.
    I did listen to Oannes’ most FABULOUS podcast ever!!

    • Amazing, isn’t it? Something similar happened to me with the Paths of Color. Although I photographed it, I’m not sure it came out as I saw it… (would you believe I photographed it s year ago and still haven’t looked at it?!)
      I definitely found the roots of my inspiration!!!!! 😉😘😘😘😘😘😘

      • I believe that about Paths of Colour!
        Maybe it’s time you looked at it now.
        As you have found the roots of your inspiration, you may have also found the path of your inspiration.
        Your art is very natural & organic. It must come from both inside and outside of you.
        🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 a path

        • Ah, what a wonderful thing to say, my sweet friend!!!!! I shall look ’em up. I hope I’ll find them in that ocean of photos and moreover, I hope they are close to the sensation I had when I saw them. that I remember well! 😉
          Much much love
          xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo another path! 😉

          • Ahh, the path of love!
            I’m shivering!
            I’m also listening to Siouxsie. Her voice is very haunting!!! So is the music!

      • Or wide… a big issue here in TO is whether nor not roots are destroying or threatening to destroy a neighbor’s hedge, foundation, whatever… people can get very upset about that. (New ‘monster’ homes are packed in tight and oversized for the area, which originally was mostly nice, quaint little bungaloos or very humble two-storey homes.) Now they’re giving out exceptions and ‘variances’ to zoning bylaws and putting up highrises… and the water flow/presure is getting less and less… System can only handle so much! Not to mention traffic, which you know all about in Athens, I’m sure.)

        Probalby more than you ever wanted to know about Toronto ‘development’ ! 🙂

        • I suppose ‘development’ is happening everywhere in various ways [usually unpleasant]. Back to the …roots though, over here, because trees don’t find it that easy to get water, they usually go deep, rather than wide. That makes them very strong to winds too. I remember when studying in London, in a storm, many trees were uprooted… huge trees and that’s when I realized why. In England it rains very often, so trees can find water on the surface, no need to grow deep.

          • Yeah in the Canadian Shield some of the pines grow on the scantiest of bases… mostly a bit of dirt and moss on top of solid rock. Some of the bigger ones occasionally blow over with a monster storm but that’s pretty rare… they have to be old and past their prime, usually. Most just go with the flow, literaly. If you look, the branches bend with the wind in their growth. Very unique and lovely. A relative of mine painted them back in the day. I should take some pics and post some. 🙂

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