between leaves
and green buds,
tiny white flowers
with dotty whiskers




a beautiful day to everyone!

Hidden Place


Album: Vespertine • 2001


Dead Can Dance

Here in the garden
Of the arcane delights
Dark shadows overwhelm us
And and we become blind.
Blind to the needs of
Those who would be free
From the breath of fear
And the prisons of the mind

Album: Dead Can Dance • 1984

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  1. Such sweet little flowers, like our sweet little love out here in cyberville.
    Wonderful series of pics, Marina!!
    Bjork! i haven’t thought of her in a long time! So….as soon as the Banshee’s podcast is over…..
    I can’t find a white flower emoji, so I’m pretending the snowflake is a white flower!

    • Awwwwww. .. sweet: yes, little: well, that I would argue! 😘 Beautiful: absolutely!!!!!!!
      Awwwww and I adore that sweet snowflake dainty flower!!!!!!
      Sending you a huge hug and sooooo many kisses!!!!

  2. Beautiful photographs and digital imagery Marina… Thank you for the music…. Its amazing what we SEE, when we Look.. 🙂 ❤
    Hope your week has been as good as mine.. LOL….. Nature has been calling me all week.. ❤ I didn’t wish to leave.. 🙂
    So pleased to see Nature and you have also been playing together 🙂
    Sending Huge Hugs Marina… Special thoughts your way 🙂

    • Oh, it is indeed amazing. And every time we look we see different things!
      It’s been a rainy week which was a blessing after a premature heatwave!
      Yes, we have indeed been having fun with nature. I know you are in pefect harmony with her! 😉😘❤
      Many hugs back and love!

  3. The white flowers look so refreshingly beautiful and painting with red buds look very striking. Thanks dear Marina its made my day 😀

  4. Beautiful series with a wonderful surprise. Like your pear tree blossoms transported to a hidden place to surprise you. Excellent photos with nice processing. Björk’s video has interesting effects. “Dead Can Dance” is a great song. Speaking of dancing with the dead, do you know Delta Rae’s “Dancing in the Graveyards”? https://youtu.be/lPOM0IUsd_0. “Bottom of the River” is really good, also: https://youtu.be/bimam2j2gEg.

    • Ah, thank you so much… and yes, just like my pear tree! Glad you enjoyed Björk and DCD. The latter have done some really nice songs (especially when Lisa Gerrard is not singing). I didn’t know Delta Rae, so thanks for the introduction! 🙂

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