Summer Solstice Eclipse… or something!

We have a saying here, which I know won’t make much sense, but I’ll say it anyway because it sounds so funny translated: “What the fox can’t reach, she hangs!

I think the English equivalent is “the grapes are sour”.

In other words, I wasn’t able to see the eclipse [see photo above], so what do I do?

I create my own eclipse!

After all, I did it at the time of its peak!

How, you may ask?

Well, I eclipsed the sun with …my hand!

Silly, but here it is…

My very own eclipse!

Oh, look, sun is back again!!!!!

It would’ve been nice to see the ring of fire, but… never had a chance over here.

At least I watched it at In some places it was spectacular!

Look Into The Sun

Jethro Tull

Album: Stand Up [1969]

Enjoy a beautiful weekend everyone,

and remember,

if you can’t have what you want…

hang it! 😉

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  1. You are a nut! A lovely, artistic, imaginative nut.
    What a great expression… Hang it! (another way of saying to hell with it, too)

  2. LOVE your personal eclipse! You are hereby the official Eclipse Queen!
    Jethro was great! You and S. have the best taste in music!
    J&J send love to Hera. Expect a large load of fur in the late fall!

    • Awwwwwwww…. so happy you lijed it!!!!! Eclipse Queen!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!
      Thank you sweetie and thank J&J from Hera!!!!! Love and many hugs!!!!!

  3. How about that, a handclipse.

    Aesop was Greek, so it’s surprising that you don’t have a closer equivalent to the “sour grapes” that English has borrowed from the fable “The Fox and the Grapes.”

  4. oh I like that literal translation – it could be the start of a poem…hmm

    no sign of sour grapes here Marina- you turned a negative to a positive with your mock up of an eclipse. Our sun is fast disappearing again – to be eclipsed by rain clouds 😦

    Have a lovely weekend

    • A ha ha… it’s always fun translating mot-à-mot various sayings to another language. They come out so funny! 😉
      Well, you know what to do! Go out at blow the clouds away! 😉
      You too have a beautiful weekend! Hugs xo

  5. Marina, eclipsing the sun with your hand, suggests you’re having a surprisingly big hand, but as you have such a wide ranging creative talent I have to believe you.
    Your shots are fantastic so indeed you must have that magic hand!

    • A ha ha ha…. a palm the size of the moon!!!!!!! Now you created an image that will stay with me! 😉 Thank you so much, my dear friend! So happy you liked my… eclipse! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  6. Your hand works as well as the moon. I think we say “Sour Grapes”, as in “Why the sour grapes?” when someone makes a face. Which is similar to “cara de mala leche” (bad milk face) in Spanish. I love Jethro Tull.

    • Ha ha haaaaaa….. yes, well, I had to have an eclipse! 😉 The expression actually comes from a myth of Aesop. According to that myth, a fox was trying hard to reach a branch with some grapes on it. After realizing it wasn’t able to, it said “Nevermind, the grapes were stale and sour anyway”. 😉 but it’s funny how it translates mot-à-mot! 😉

  7. Great phots even if manufacturered. I really enjoyed Jethro Tull , a huge favourite of mine back in the day 💜💜 very apt choice. Have a great weekend too 💜

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