Corvus cornix…

Two friends

sit on a pole

deciding how to organize their day

One takes pleasure from the light sea breeze

The other looks around

checks his trophy:

“anyone watching?


It’s mine then!

Off I go!

Apollo seating on a lion-pawed diphros; he holds a lyre in his left hand and pours a libation with his right hand. Facing him, a black a crow, or a raven (a mantic bird). Attributed to Pistoxenos Painter. From a tomb in Delphi αππχ 480BC.

A great Sunday everyone!


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  1. Hahaha!
    Two Crows walk into a bar… kind of a joke set up.

    A nice light post with Fab pics.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  2. Fabulous photography, Marina. I share your love of crows. I meet up with my crow community every day on the Vancouver Seawall and watch them come together to make the journey to their roost. I call it homecoming.

  3. Wonderful photos of those Hoodies, Marina. They look quite sassy like our black crows. Those glass insulators on the power poles are really cool looking.

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