Earth Nerve Net pt7

I’ve always found earth patterns fascinating.
Sometimes random, other times symmetrical, other abstract…

Like my last “Earth Nerve Net pt6,

this one is about sea patterns also

but, at night

capturing the colorful lights

on those beautiful ripples

So here they are

dancing playfully

Enjoy a beautiful weekend everyone.

[time sure flies!]

Remember beauty is everywhere when you keep your eyes and mind open.

…accompanied by

The Platters

Harbour Lights

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  1. This is a perfect song to go with this post!

    This is like a new Paths Of Colour….. Paths Of Colours.

    These images seem to betray and portray Earth’s Nerve Net: randomly, symmetrically and abstractly all at once. Kudos! these are stunning images!


    • “Betray and portray” how beautifully put! Thank you my dearest friend. I was so taken by those reflections and their subtle movement!
      Have a wonderful week ahead and hugs flying over to you!!!!!

  2. Yes they are indeed beautiful reflections, as are always your accompanying words. The tune is so nostalgic and I can’t help swaying to the rhythm 😉 Thank you, Marina…lovely Sunday to you! xoxo

  3. Perfect connection to your calendar theme, reflections. Lovely captures Marina and The Platters, such a nostalgic joy. Thank you for this…

  4. These are gorgeous, Marina. Love the ripples and the colors. And love The Platters, too, beautiful sound. Happy weekend to you, too! xoxoxo

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