The Mothers of Invention : Later That Night [Songs Of Childhood Nostalgia] [reblog]

from Oannes Songs Of Childhood Nostalgia #40

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Ακολουθώντας την αναφορά του stcigar [βλ. προγούμενο post] στα πρωτολειογυμνασιακά τραγούδια του Zappa ως έκφραση νοσταλγίας για την χαμένη αθωότητα, ακούμε ένα ακόμα της ίδιας περιόδου.
Μαζί με το “Stuff Up The Cracks” και το “How Could I Be Such A fool” [βλ. post FRANK ZAPPA: HOW COULD I BE SUCH A FOOL / I AIN’T GOT NO HEART] είναι το αγαπημένο μου, κυρίως για την υπερ-απολαυστική, μακρόσυρτη, σαρδόνια παρωδία doo-wop απ΄ τη φωνή του FZ.

Following stcigar‘s reference [see previous post] to Zappa‘s “high school songs tribute” as an expression of nostalgia for lost innocence, we hear another one from the same period.
Along with “Stuff Up The Cracks” and “How Could I Be Such a fool” [see post FRANK ZAPPA: HOW COULD I BE SUCH A FOOL / I AIN’T GOT NO HEART] this one ‘s my favorite, especially for the highly enjoyable, long-winded, sardonic doo-wop parody from the voice of FZ.


❝ You surely must be trying
To break this heart of mine
I thought you knew I loved you
And we’d share a love so fine
But later that night
You threw a padlock on my door
My clothes out on the street
‘Cause you don’t want my love no more
And I cried, I cried
I-I-I-I-I cried my hart out
Cried my heart out
Later that night
Don’t go baby, don’t put me out on the
street. Your threw my best sharkskin
suit out on the lawn, right on top of
some dog waste
(I hold in my hand three letters from
the stages of your fine, fine, super-
fine career…) and my best white
shirts with the Mr. B collar all
over the front lawn. Where’s my cuff
links? Lemme back in dere. Dere?
“Huffa puffa, Huffa puffa
There’s no room to breathe in here”
“That’s alright honey. You can come
out of the closet now” ❞



Stay Safe!

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