Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd / Wes Montgomery : The Little Boy and the Old Man [reblog]

from Oannes

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Ένα ξεχασμένο σήμερα, πολύτιμο τραγούδι του Αμερικανού τραγουδοποιού – συνθέτη Wayne Shanklin [1916-1979].
Το ερμήνευσαν πρώτοι ο μεγάλος Frankie Laine & το “παιδί – θαύμα” Jimmy Boyd.
Το τραγούδι, μετονομασμένο σε “Little Child (Daddy Dear)” έχει διασκευαστεί αρκετές φορές. Καμία με τη μουσικότητα της αυθεντικής εκτέλεσης [1953], που ακούμε μαζί με εκείνην του Wes Montgomery από το άλμπουμ Tequila [1966]

A forgotten today, precious song by the American songwriter – composer Wayne Shanklin [1916-1979].
It was first performed by the great Frankie Laine & the “wunderkind” Jimmy Boyd.
The song, renamed “Little Child (Daddy Dear)” has been covered several times. None with the musicality of the original performance [1953], which we hear, along with that of Wes Montgomery, from his album Tequila [1966]


Old Man, Old Man is the world really round
Tell me where in the world can a bluebird be found
Tell me why is the sky up above so blue
And when you were a boy did you cry like I do

What becomes of the sun when it falls in the sea
And who lights it again so that we can see
Tell me why can’t I fly without wings when I try
I just can’t understand why you’re crying old man.

Little boy, little boy yes its true the world is round
But I never did find where a bluebird is found
And the sky is so blue just because of love
May your sky always be like the blue sky above

And the sun only seems to fall into the sea
If the sun always shone how could moonlight be
Little boy you can’t fly, you might fall…didn’t I?
Well good bye little boy, good bye.



Stay Safe!

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  1. I don’t think I know this pretty song, which the post justifiably calls “forgotten.” Nor am I aware of composer Wayne Shanklin, though I’m familiar with his songs “Jezebel”, “Chanson D’Amour (Song of Love)”, and “The Big Hurt” from when I was growing up.

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