Zombina and The Skeletones : The Kids Are All Dead [Death Valley High, 2006] [reblog]

from Oannes

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Horror punk με τους εκ Liverpool Zombina And The Skeletones, με άρωμα από ’80s goth και psychobilly.
Οι στίχοι είναι [“προφητικοί” και] γκροτέσκοι όπως ο τίτλος – παρωδία του κλασικού των Who…

Horror punk with Zombina And The Skeletones from Liverpool, scented with ’80s goth and psychobilly.
The lyrics are [“prophetic” and] grotesque, and so is title – a parody of the Who classic…

❝ Comin’ on radio waves
Transmitted from space
Another death ray jingle for you deadbeats
We’re sowing the seeds
Of a new disease
A whole new breed of mutations
The root of all evil has turned into another ugly tree
We got a death ray
We got the drop on the deadbeats
We got the drop on the dead meat
We got the souls of the whole damn world
In our hands…
And the death rays comin’ too quick to run from it
The sun is burnin’ with hate
For this human race
Put on a happy face as you burn alive
Yeah, deathray kids ain’t got no teeth
But they all got razor smiles
On their faces, we scraped them all off the classroom walls ❞



Stay Safe!

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