David Sylvian : The Boy with the gun [Songs Of Childhood Nostalgia] [reblog]

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Το The Boy With The Gun, πρωτοεμφανίζεται στο άλμπουμ του David Sylvian, Secrets Of The Beehive, το 1987. Το ακούμε από το άλμπουμ του/συλλογή Everything & Nothing, του 2000 σε επανηχογράφηση.

The Boy With The Gun
appears in David Sylvian 1987 album, Secrets Of The Beehive. This is the re-recorded version from his 2000 album/compilation, Everything & Nothing.

David Sylvian : acoustic guitar, organ, synths, vocal
Ryuichi Sakamoto : organ, synths, string arrangement
David Torn : electric guitar
Danny Thompson : double bass
Danny Cummings : percussion

He knows well his wicked ways
A course of bitterness
A grudge held from his childhood days
As if life had loved him less
Reading down his list of names
He ticks them one by one
He points the barrel at the sky
Firing shots off at the sun
“I am the law and I am the King
I am the wisdom, listen to me sing”
He carves out the victim’s names
In the wooden butt of the gun
He leans well back against the tree
He knows his Kingdom’s come
He’ll breath a sigh self satisfied
The work is in good hands
He shoots the coins into the air
And follows where the money lands
“I am the law and I am the King
I am the wisdom, listen to me sing”
He pauses at the city’s edge
Of hellfire and of stone
He summons up the devil there
To give him courage of his own
He’ll free the sinners of deceit
They’ll hear his name and run
His justice is his own reward
Measured out beneath the sun
“I am the law and I am the King
I am the wisdom, listen to me sing”
And my name’s on the gun



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