Pink & Yellow September Full Corn Moon

Pink Moon


between the lines

Yellow Moon


above the city

Illumination: 100% • 15 Days• Moon Distance: 397,920.68 km

Full Corn Moon


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  1. Great shots, Marina! Lucky you.
    Are these from Athens?
    Yellow… and pink. Is it the same moon, on the same night!
    WOOF, to Hera!

  2. Fantabulous captures, Marina! We had cloudy skies two nights in a row. :/
    I did capture quite a nice moon two nights prior, so close to full. I just might have to share them 😉

  3. Wonderful capture Marina…. I saw it the day before the full moon…. It was too cloudy on the night of the full moon here… Have a wonderful rest of the week my friend ❤

    • Ah, so glad I provided some moon views! Thank you, my friend. I really enjoyed the Caravaggio video you shared yesterday. Did you know this is his birth month? [September 29] …tribute planned.

  4. Beautiful. I’m happy to see you got some excellent photos of the corn moon, Marina. It was shining through my bedroom window last night. It was big and yellow hanging above the horizon at 6:30 this morning. I didn’t get photos of it.

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