Matching Mole : Gloria Gloom [Matching Mole’s Little Red Record, 1972] [reblog]

from Oannes

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1971. O Robert Wyatt εκδιώκεται από τους Soft Machine, οι οποίοι περνούν σε full instrumental mode.
Ο drummer – singer – songwriter θα δημιουργήσει την ίδια χρονιά τους Matching Mole, μαζί με τους David Sinclair [Caravan] – όργανο, πιάνο, David MacRae – ηλ. πιάνο, Phil Miller – κιθάρα, Bill McCormick – μπάσο.
Το θρυλικό γκρουπ της σκηνής του Canterbury επρόκειτο να κυκλοφορήσει δυο άλμπουμ – η ηχογράφηση ενός τρίτου θα ακυρωνόταν λόγω του ατυχήματος που άφησε παράλυτο τον RW.
Ακούμε ένα κομμάτι από το δεύτερό τους, παραγωγός εδώ ο Robert Fripp.

1971. Robert Wyatt is expelled from Soft Machine, who switch on full instrumental mode.
That very year, the drummer – singer – songwirter would form Matching Mole, along with David Sinclair [Caravan] – organ, piano, David MacRae – el. piano, Phil Miller – guitar, Bill McCormick – bass.
The legendary Canterbury outfit was due to release two albums – a third recording was cancelled because of the accident that left RW paralyzed.
We hear a piece from their second album, produced by Robert Fripp.

❝ Like so many of you
I’ve got my doubts about how much to contribute
To the already rich among us…
How long can I pretend that music’s more relevant
Than fighting for a socialist world?
Someone watching us – knows I’m bad
Black plastic along blue-black wall
Small square of places where dead men can look through
Run along and see the prison bar
Throw a stone across an empty road
You and your friend will be found
Outside the daydream
I’ve woken up to watch you sleep…



Stay Safe!

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