MK-O : November [Ovation, 2007] [reblog]

from Oannes
🎧 click on the image to see original post and listen…

Από το πρώτο αλμπουμ των MK-O

From the first MK-O album



Stay Safe!

As always, I’m happy to hear your thoughts, however I’d highly recommend a direct dialogue with the …’source’ so please visit Oannes’ page where you can also listen to the song !

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  1. Cool composition, Marina! Complex and multi-layered. Has sort of a “The 5th Element” (the futuristic sci-fi movie….not sure if I got the movie title exactly correct) vibe to it. Anyway…I think it sounds Sci-Fi…hard to put into words to explain.

Happy to hear your thoughts

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