Van der Graaf Generator : Darkness 11/11 [The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other, 1969] [reblog]

from Oannes

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Το “Darkness (11/11)” ήταν για μένα “η” στιγμή της συναυλίας τους εδώ, 15 χρόνια πριν. Το ακούμε σήμερα λόγω συνθηκών …και λόγω τίτλου.

To me, “Darkness (11/11)”, was “the” moment of their Athens show, 15 years before. We hear it today because of the circumstances …and its title.

Day dawns dark, it now numbers infinity
Life crawls from the past, watching in wonder
I trace its patterns in me
Tomorrow’s tomorrow is birth again
Boats burn the bridge in the fens
The time of the past returns to my life
And uses it
Don’t blame me for the letters
That may form in the sand
Don’t look in my eyes, you may see all the numbers
That stretch in my sky and color my hand
Don’t say that I’m wrong in imagining
That the voice of my life cannot sing
Fate enters and talks in old words
They amuse it
The hands shine darkly and white
Only in dark they appear
Bless the baby born today,
Flying in pitch, flying on fear
They shine in my eyes and touch my face
Where I have seen them placed before
Don’t blame me, please, for the fate that falls
I did not choose it
I did not, no no, I did not
I truly did not choose it



Stay Safe!

As always, I’m happy to hear your thoughts, however I’d highly recommend a direct dialogue with the …’source’ so please visit Oannes’ page where you can also listen to the song ! 😉

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  1. Hi Marina. How’s it going? I saw some news that in Greece the Grubbermeent (hehehe) is making people Text the “authorities” TO GET PERMISSION to leave their house for everything but necessary trips (e. g. Work), because of new CONVID1984. Is this news factual? Take care. The globalist (scumbags) are certainly not wasting an opportunity to control the lives of most people on the planet — CONVID1984 was the perfect disaster (manufactured crisis) to give them full control.

    • It’s exactly so, my friend and guess what, any other voice or anyone who has questions is silenced, as we are entering the full non freedom speech era… officially. Sms to walk our doggies! 😱😬

      • Good Grief!!!
        The Globalists won’t be satisfied ever, as they MUST CONTROL EVERY aspect of our lives, and have full control over the money systems, and dictate to the puppets in office.
        Take Care my Friend!
        These wicked creatures never sleep, because being evil is a 24/7 job.

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