November Moon… & friends

The Moon

riding a sea of clouds

on the last day

of November

…with shinning friends

painting the sea foam…

Moon is 100% full

and in some places the penumbral eclipse was visible.

Ours happened while the Moon was below the horizon.


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  1. A full moon is the most beautiful thing you can see in the night sky. But the beauty will perish soon as people have started buying land on the moon.

  2. There moon and sky looked like some wild mysterious creature. Gorgeous images.
    The clouds frame perfectly.
    Cool and clear here early this morning – eclipse lovely. Very early, maybe but somehow fitting to end a month with this sky

  3. It’s beautiful. You had some nice clouds to accent your moon. The moon rose to the north last night out here, so it was covered by the cottonwoods until it was high in the sky.

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