Playing with lights

As 2020 fades,

I look at the fairy lights,

my only decoration for this year,


changing colors,

flickering playfully.

I follow their pulse.

Here’s to the joy of little things.

May they reign in 2021 and even become bigger! 😉

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  1. Gorgeous, festive lights, Marina! Wishing you a vibrant, colorful, and joyful new year and hope it’s the same for us all! Big hugs and Cheers! 💗🥂💗🥂🎉🎊🌟✨

  2. How gorgeous, enchanting!
    Those of us with bad eyes have seen this kind of beauty our whole life.
    My mom taught me when I was very young. Once the tree was decorated, we would take our glasses off, sit back and behold!
    Happy New Year, dear Marina!

    • How wonderful!!! Your sweet mom was wise! Of course, I know exactly what you mean!
      Thank you so much. So happy I brought back such a fond memory!
      Many hugs and ❤❤❤❤❤💝💝💝💝
      Happy New Year, my sweet friend!

  3. Marina, this is so beautiful, it’s captivating. Indeed may your words come true in the coming year. May all the little joys make it a beautiful year.

  4. Whoa! These are so beautiful and so well seen as 2020 fades with good riddance. We could have foretold 2020 would be a bad year with 2020 being an even number, with multiples of 4 and also being a leap year. 2016 was similar — not a good year, for me anyway.

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