Dmitry Kabalevsky [1904-1987]

On this day,

December 30, 1904

Soviet composer and teacher

Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky

was born

in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Kabalevsky helped set up the Union of Soviet Composers in Moscow and remained one of its leading figures during his lifetime. He was a prolific composer of piano music and chamber music; many of his piano works were performed by Vladimir Horowitz. He is best known in Western Europe for his Second Symphony, the “Comedians’ Galop” from The Comedians Suite, Op. 26 and his Third Piano Concerto

❝ We should never for an instant forget our main purpose, which is to interest our audience in music, to emotionally fascinate them, to infect them with our love of music.❞

Dmitry Kabalevsky

He has definitely ‘infected’ me!

❝ You can’t think you can write a pop song with your left foot or with whatever hand but if there is a symphony you need to sit behind the table, to think. You need to think about the pop song. If you don’t think about it then it turns out to be trash and vulgarity, of which there are plenty now on the air. And the second conclusion is this: if you like light music this is completely natural. For example, if I didn’t like light music I wouldn’t have written the music for Anton Ivanovich Is Angry. But if you like only light music then you are a poor fellow..❞

Dmitry Kabalevsky

We listen to

Cello Concerto #1 In G Minor, Op. 49

part 2


Eugene Ormandy

conducting the
Philadelphia Orchestra

Yo-Yo Ma, cello

Remembering Theologos at dusk with fondness • June 2020


Stay Safe!

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        • ….sounds fascinating!!!! 😉 Joking of course. Sending you waves of courage and many many hugs… paw waves and tail wags too from Hera to J&J! [she sent a kiss specially for you!] 😘🐾❤️💖

          • LOL!
            I just listened to 2 posts on Oannes.
            I left comments, but they are not there.
            Would you be kind enough to have him check SPAM and To Be Approved. I must be in there somewhere? xoxox

            • xoxoxoxo
              He was ‘cyber attacked’ and we had to increase security. I’m sorry about this…. not spammed, just held for approval. We have to do this at least for a while. We were trying to fix the problems for days! Horrible!!!! I will be posting on my page as soon as we’re sure everything is ‘clean’, so that people may re-subscribe / follow, as we cleared EVERYTHING! 😱

  1. A peaceful moving piece of music dear Marina…. Many thanks for providing such information.. Music to paint to…. 🙂
    Have a Wonderful New Year my friend.. And thank you for your beautiful friendship Marina…. Love and Hugs your way .. 🙂 🙏💛💖😘🥂

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