Chim chiminey…

Chim chiminey

Chim chiminey

Chim chim cher-ee!

Chim chiminey

Chim chiminey

Chim chim cher-oo!

Though not a traditional chimney, this one stood there patiently gracing me some poses.

…as our Sunday is leaving, making way for a new week.

May it be a good one.

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  1. Neat photos, Marina!
    I only hope I can get that song out of my head!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot! I’ll listen to other music and hope this doesn’t stick. LOL!!
    Love you!

    Oh, I grabbed a pic of Hera for the post Holly and I are doing. Is that okay?

    • I know right?! As soon as I wrote the word chimney, it buzzed in my ears like a persistent fly! 😉 Glad you enjoyed them!!!
      I just asked Hera [you know, being queen et all…] and she has granted permission to her favorite friend. It went like this:
      “I, Hera, queen of the mk-o home [and whoever I meet!] grant permission to my beloved Resa, to use any of my photos, as she pleases, paw signed and paw sealed with slobbery kisses, QH”🐾
      and love and hugs from me!!!!!

  2. Aren’t they fascinating things? I can hear ours on a windy day… rumbling outside but with struts to (hopefully) keep it standing. I’m always amazed and pleased when I go out after a gale and it’s okay.

  3. I love how you connect photography with music, Marina. Now, I am going to be singing that song all day long. What a great way to start a fresh new week.

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