Ernest Chausson [1855 – 1899]

On this day,

January 20, 1855

French Romantic composer

Amédée-Ernest Chausson

was born

in Paris, France

A composer with a small body of compositions but high rank among French composers of the late 19th century, who died just as his career was beginning to flourish.

We listen to

Poème, Op. 25

Jascha Heifetz, violin

mt. Pendeli clouds


Stay Safe!

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  1. Gandalf waved me in! Amédée-Ernest Chausson kept me hee.
    Thank you, Marina, this is most enjoyable music!
    Have a fab weekend!
    WOOF! xoxoxoxo

  2. Oh, Marina – what a tragedy. He had such a gift. I read that he began composing his String Quartet in C-minor in 1898. He had started writing the last moment on the very day of his fatal bicycle accident on June 10, 1899. Thank you for remembering. I am unable to connect with videos on my side of the world,but I am familiar with his music.

    • Imagine how much more work he would’ve produced. I will try to find another version with Heifetz to add that will hopefully be accessible.
      Many hugs, my dearest Rebecca!

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