The Moon & Mars

The Moon & Mars

were shinning bright

last night

side by side

as if Mars

was completing

the almost full Moon


the Blue one! 😉]

Happy Weekend

& look up for the Blue Moon tomorrow!

[phone photography]

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  1. Fantastic shots Marina! Did you take these pics from your home, or go up the mountain?

    Listening to Debussy on your Katsushika post, as I type!


  2. It reminds me of what that guy, Bill Shakespeare, once said: “The moon, and Mars, and… Marina is the sun…” Gosh, he had a way with words… darn! I wish I’d said that… 😔 😉 😊 🚀

    • From Bill to today… that’s how much ambrosia is pouring your way!!!

  3. Nice. Mars is to the left of the moon where you are. It was to the right of the moon where out here.

    • Mars has been shinning brightly for some time now but it was nice capturing them together… even with a poor quality shot! Many many hugs and wishes for a beautiful weekend!

    • Oh, that would be a wonderful addition to a post (your Blue Moon!)
      Thank you, Sylvia. Shots were taken with my phone, so they could be much much better, but I wanted to record this! Happy weekend to you too!!! 😘🤗😘🤗😘

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