The Moon & Mars

The Moon & Mars

were shinning bright

last night

side by side

as if Mars

was completing

the almost full Moon


the Blue one! 😉]

Happy Weekend

& look up for the Blue Moon tomorrow!

[phone photography]

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  1. Fantastic shots Marina! Did you take these pics from your home, or go up the mountain?

    Listening to Debussy on your Katsushika post, as I type!


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    • From Bill to today… that’s how much ambrosia is pouring your way!!!

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    • Oh, that would be a wonderful addition to a post (your Blue Moon!)
      Thank you, Sylvia. Shots were taken with my phone, so they could be much much better, but I wanted to record this! Happy weekend to you too!!! 😘🤗😘🤗😘

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