Bessie Smith : ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do [reblog]

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Έχω μεγάλη αδυναμία στα vaudeville blues, ανάμεσα στ’ άλλα και για τους πιανίστες, την άπλα και την ηδονική νωχέλεια με την οποία συνοδεύουν. Όπως ο Clarence Williams, εδώ, την Αυτοκράτειρα. Σε ένα τραγούδι που, ποιος θα περίμενε πόσο συγκλονιστικά επίκαιρο θα γινόταν, ένα αιώνα μετά την ηχογράφησή του.

I have a great love for vaudeville blues, among other things for the piano players, the largesse and the everpleasing indolence with which they accompany. Like Clarence Williams here, accompanies the Empress. On a song that nobody could anticipate how shockingly up-to-date would become today, one century after it was recorded.


❝ There ain’t nothing I can do, or nothing I can say
That folks don’t criticize me
But I’m goin’ to do just as I want to anyway
And don’t care if they all despise me
If I should take a notion
To jump into the ocean
‘Tain’t nobody’s bizness if I do, do, do do
If I go to church on Sunday
Then just shimmy down on Monday
Ain’t nobody’s bizness if I do, if I do
If my friend ain’t got no money
And I say “Take all mine, honey”
‘Tain’t nobody’s bizness if I do, do, do do
If I give him my last nickel
And it leaves me in a pickle
‘Tain’t nobody’s bizness if I do, if I do
Well I’d rather my man would hit me
Than to jump right up and quit me
‘Tain’t nobody’s bizness if I do, do, do do
I swear I won’t call no copper
If I’m beat up by my papa
‘Tain’t nobody’s bizness if I do, if I do



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