Medea’s …snow

After our “Halcyon Days” *

the cold front “Medea”

brings Winter

with frigid temperatures

and snow.

Bergamot light bulbs

A fluffy seat

Lavender leaves barely breaking the ice

Frozen olive leaves

Looking up

Habemus Nix!!!!

Happy Monday!

*Halcyon Days occur from December 15 to February 15 each year, and most often between January 16-31. During this time, the days are typically sunny, with clear skies and no wind, with high temperatures that can climb up to over 20ºC.

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  1. I had no idea Greece was such a winter wonderland! I’ll bet things were hopping at the Mt. Olympus Ski Lodge– and you have frozen orange juice on the trees in case the hot cocoa runs out– very thoughtful!! Hope you got Hera to take you and Mr. O. on a sleigh ride!! 👍 😊

    • Ah, it was this year, for a few days. We took lots of sleigh rides… on Mt. Olympus. The rest of the country is under quarantine 😡… sometimes it’s good to have connections with people in high places, like Zeus!!! 🤣😂
      Speaking of whom… he sent you a fresh shipment of frozen ambrosia!

  2. So it seems we are having a “Medea” time in Toronto.
    I’m just happy Norm does the shovelling! LOL!

  3. So pretty, Marina! It’s great fun that love of the snow can be contagious. Wonderful photos! The bergamot lights, the olive and lavendar dressed in white. Doggy may be clinging to the warm building during this time? .)

    • Hera, smart pup, dreams under her fluffy blanket! 😉 Thank you, my dear Mary Jo. Yes, it is contagious or better, inspired by your wonderful haikus! xoxo …and many hugs!

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