Still there…


not the nicest subject

to photograph,

but it’s still there

and for some reason

someone else

also finds it


to sniff


I couldn’t help but smile

when I saw that bitter orange,

still keeping company

to his dwindling

giant friend!


Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Happy Wednesday, Marina! Lol…
    I guess when you are an orange, with a dwindling friend you will stay to make friends with the giant yellow and orange thing behind it!

    • Of course! Well spotted! As a matter of fact, mr. Orange is still there eventhough his friend has now completely evaporated! 😉
      …and Happy Thursday too!!!

      • Happy Friday!
        Been working on the Picasso post today. Just waiting for Holly and Charlotte to send videos, then I can finish it with the thank you’s and links etc.

  2. Definitely interesting. At least, through art, you make it interesting. Reify, is that the word? The last one with the orange looks like a little megalithic monument to the passing storm. 🙂

    • I like the “little megalithic”! Poor orange stayed loyal to his melting friend. I had to look up ‘reify’! 😉 It’s nature and a sniffing nose, I didn’t do much! xoxoxo

  3. Sense of scale all over again. The fist photo of the orange you posted a few days ago I though was a tiny piece of candy. With a lot of melt and a pine cone accompaniment I can now plainly see a bitter orange remains steadfast and true as its friend slowly melts.

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