anmar news • week #4

A full month since the launch of my design site, anmar* [my, how time flies!]

So here’s the review in titles of what’s gone up last week.

Titles & images are clickable and will direct you to the specific post.

Card • 1985 • Κάρτα

Flexaco • brochure & logo

Laser Center • brochures

Dr. Metal • album cover

Papastratos • Calendar • Παπαστράτος

Almyra • Logo • Αλμύρα

No comment… #4

The little crow’s magic pencil will take you to its nest! Click it!

And to my friends who subscribe:

You’ll have the privilege of getting the news first. Our crow is a friendly one and promises not to flood you with useless information. 😉

*ANMAR creative design center came to life in 1994 and it’s the brain child of my father [Anakreon Kanavakis] and me.

Enjoy a great week ahead, everyone!

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  1. Sorry to have missed the launch of Anmar. Huge congratulations dear Marina! Shall be sure to pop over to take look👍🧡

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