The blessed Eucalyptus Tree

The Eucalyptus Tree

peels off the old layer

growing a new one

and lets some new leaves peek

through it’s beautiful smooth bark.

In Greece, the eucalyptus is regarded as a blessed tree because it never dies [centenarian tree].

Happy Sunday & Happy Easter*!

*Ours is end of April

Stay Safe!

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  1. How wonderful about the eucalyptus!
    I remember them growing out of mountain sides in the Andes. As they grew, they would straighten up.
    The banana trees did that too.
    There were thousands of both!
    You photos of the new life are very sweet, appealing!
    Thank you dahling Marina!

  2. As eucalyptus trees come from Australia, the Greek tradition of their being blessed and supposedly never dying can’t be more that a few centuries old. Some traditions get established even more quickly.

    • Because of their greek name I used to think they are a native tree in Greece, but it seems they were introduced by a botanist (Orphanides) in the 1800s. So you’re right about traditions. 😉

  3. A lot of these here in Southern California. Occasionally there are some worries, since there instances of these larger versions falling over onto well travelled roadways. But they are planted especially because of their fast growth.

    • They are beautiful trees aren’t they? Over here our trees usually have to go deep to find water, hence their roots are very strong, so there would rarely be such a problem.
      Happy Tuesday, Art 🙏

  4. A beautiful tree Marina… Its like a watercolour painting all by itself… Love the bark and the colour of those new leaves..
    Happy Easter my friend ❤ Have a wonderful Easter Monday too ❤

  5. I LOVE eucalyptus trees, they’re that much more special to me because we cannot grow them in our climate. Their smell is divine and I always associate them with koalas – two excellent characteristics in addition to their beauty. Wonderful images.

    • I have heard they thrive in Australia, and koalas surely know how to choose the perfect tree! 😉 Thank you, my dear Tina. So happy my images evoked fond memories. 🙏😘

    • Awww… warmest greetings to you from across the ocean, my dearest friend. Ah, yes, it’s healing scent… Such a beautiful tree. Enjoy a wonderful week ahead and… enjoy a wonderul Day too!! 😉🎂🎁🎉 Love and extra hugs your way! 💝💖💝

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