April Moon

April Moon

appeared for a short while

between a light break of clouds

Beautiful and majestic

with a halo.

Looking closer, its halo had a light color.

I enhanced it a little bit…

Eventhough it’s called a Pink Moon, its color isn’t,

however, the same paintbrush that painted the pink moss phlox was used for this halo! 😉

Happy Wednesday!

Stay Safe!

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  1. Thank you, Dear Marina!
    The moon is beautiful, like you!

    I’ll listen to some Oannes music tonight, after the construction shuts down.
    I’m living in hell.
    Can’t hear a thing.
    I’ll mail you a 30 second video of the horror.


    • …awwwww…. and like you!!!!!!
      Oh, my goodness, this is trully hell!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱 The horror! 😱😱😱😱
      I think you need a pair of noise canceling earphones / headphones!
      Or some pretty strong meditation!!!!
      Sending you many hugs, many many hugs and Hera licks (she also hates noise!). Oannes would’ve gone crazy at a situation like that!

  2. We had clear skies in Southwestern Louisiana. I saw it. I stood outside for a good long time. I didn’t even try to make any pictures. Sometimes it’s better without a piece of glass getting in the way.

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