May …Sun!

This inconspicuous,

Moon resembling disc

is actually

the Sun!

Whenever you hear me muttering about the Sahara Desert dust, this is what I see in the sky. A murky sky that given the right temperatures [like today with 30ºC+] can be quite unpleasant!

Those tiny black dots,

are birds

desperately trying to find

the rising Sun!

And this is a little later in the day…

Spot the Sun?

It’s that fuzzy sorta kinda light!

But, it’s Monday,

so here’s something nicer!

[from another May]

Happy Monday!

Stay Safe!

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  1. How the hell did I miss this one? Bloody hell… Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful photos, my friend.
    And I found this one because I linked my attempt at the solar eclipse to it 😉

  2. These are awesome Marina. I don’t usually find a comment section at your blog , today I’m in the reader and only a few posts are allowing me a comment section. I’m so happy to say your posts are all so beautiful, the music , the art! Thank you so much!

  3. Yes, there is beauty in the most common things if only we just open our eyes to it. That dust haze makes for wonderful images, Marina. I really love Dandelion clocks. They remind me of my carefree days of childhood in England when my sister and I used go wandering the fields close to home, picking daisies and buttercups and blowing dandelion seeds to the four winds. 🙂 xxx

  4. You always see the beauty in everything! Aside from the mess, it does make for interesting photos. I can’t believe it’s Saturday already. 🙂 I hope the air has cleared!

    • Thank you, my dear Mary Jo!
      Air is clearing as strong North winds are blowing as I write! (Very strong!)
      Happy …Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day! 🌺😘❤

  5. Gee whiz! That sure is a dusty May sun.
    I think global warming has something to do with the increased frequency and duration of this happening.
    One thing this demonstrates is that we are all in this together, one world, one sun & one nature.
    Much love and HAPPY MAY!

    • Gee whiz indeed!!!! Not sure if it’s a global warming thing but it is really odd how these phenomena are becoming a frequent thing all of a sudden past 3-4 years. That we are all one, that is very true.
      Much much love and a wonderful May to you!!!!!

    • Hi, Frank! It is a lot of dust! This is actually a phenomenon that up until 3-4 years ago, would occur once or twice, during summer and would last for 1-2 days. Lately though it seems to be happening more often and last longer too AND during winter! To this day I haven’t found a decent explanation why. We may get it once or twice a month and this one for example lasted 4 days!

  6. I love how the dynamics of earth and sun, wind and dust create a special kind of chaos the invites photographers to see something different. Last night, my son, Thomas, and I were talking about how dust comes through our atmosphere. Thomas reminded me about the quote from Carl Sagan: “Even through your hardest days, remember we are all made of stardust.” I am so glad that we entered May together!

    • That is a wonderful quote, Rebecca. It is so close to my mentality too as I try to see beauty in everything.
      I’m also very happy, we entered May together! Many hugs, my dear friend.

  7. Dust and smoke make for beautiful suns, but they can about chock you to death. Wonderful photos. I’m sure your car is going through various shades of grays, tans and browms. Beautiful dandelion. I was telling Al, who has Chit Chat blog, that dandelions like sunsets are irresistible. I always photograph them.

    • Oh, I agree with you and yes, poor car is going through the murky shades!
      Dandelions really are irresistible in their delicate elegance. Our sky is clearing today… for how long though, I don’t know.

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