Van Gogh [reblog]

Oh, look, Hera found Van Gogh… or was it the other way round? Or is it that Resa found… well, you better visit to find out! 😉
To Resa: ❤️🤗❣️🤗❤️

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This portrait of Van Gogh is stationed across the street from the AGO. I immediately thought of Rebecca Budd – Lady Budd.

EEK! It kept staring at me, following me. I walked back and forth, thinking the head was being automatically turned. NOT!!!

Check it out! The video is only 18 seconds.

I also shot stills. I thought Rebecca will love this! She is such an arts aficionado, and I mean ALL arts and artists.

Then I thought of Marina from Art Towards a Happy Day, who is an artist, musician and does wonderful posts about classic artists.

Then serendipity happened! Rebecca interviewed Marina about art in a podcast on Tea Toast and Trivia, on July 19. I found Van Gogh on July 19.

I know you’ll love the podcast. Click on the pic of VG above, and go there!

I started at the other side in the…

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