No words…


August 3


under 44ºC


Long night

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  1. This is a scary post, and I hope you all continue to be safe and well . The climate is truly reaking havoc.
    Sending love and hoping things improve. Sadly we need to sort the planet.💜

  2. I was hoping for a dislike button too, Marina. These photos are so scary. I read in the other comments that you’re all safe and I pray you still are. Fire season is a new normal now and it scares me to no end. Take care, dear friend. Hugs xoxoxo

    • Thank you, my dear Lauren. Yes, we are safe as Athens fires are out but so many fires burn in many places in Greece, it’s so very sad… So many animals, so many houses, trees …gone.
      Many hugs back xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      • I’m glad you’re okay. There are fires a few hours north of us and the scenes on the news are so devastating. By the way, Copper’s been sick all week. It’s an upper GI upset and is taking a while to go through him. This week’s felt like a month. 😦 I’ve never dealt with a sick dog like this and it’s heartbreaking and stressful at the same time. Anyway, sorry to dump on you. I hope you’re able to have a good day. Love and hugs, my friend. xoxo

        • I fought with Loretta for 6 stressful months, so I know exactly how it feels and why I’m sending positive thoughts with all my heart. But please stay positive and it’ll pass!
          Many many hugs and love and slobbery healing kisses from Hera too!
          ps unfortunately Athens are came back… We’re safe but still they are too close and horrible to watch with all the others that still burn…

  3. Liking this post may be incorrect, but it is an acknowledgement that I know what is going on.
    Heard about it on the news.
    OMG! How much closer can this get to Athens?
    We are going through a similar reality here, but Canada is so huge that the fires are far away,.Nonetheless, and in spite…the smoke visits us.

    OH…but some (who have power and want $$$) say there is no global warming/climate change!
    SHAME on them! SHAME!

    Love you, Marina! Take care of you and yours!

    • It was really close just a few kilometers in a dense [no more] forest… so very very sad and though fires are out here in Athens, many fires burn in many places in Greece, destroying houses and taking the lives of so many animals…
      Firefighters and volunteers try to save as many as they can.
      Yes, the smoke is really bad… we have to be inside with windows shut.
      As for the guys with $$$, all they want is to make more money. Now through wind turbines and ‘alternative’ energy… as if they really care about earth. We have grown completely detached from earth and have become earth’s worst virus.
      Love you too, my sweet friend!
      Many hugs
      and slobbery kisses from Hera!

    • It was [in a straight line] just 6+km away from where we live, in a dense [no longer] forest. We are all safe as Athens fires are out but fires continue to burn in many places in Greece. Today we’re at 39C which is much better but this heatwave was a very long one, drying up everything.

    • Thank you, my dear Ashley, we are all safe but fires are a horrible thing and although the Athens one is out, there are many fires in many places in Greece right now!

  4. Now that is seriously smoking and hot. I assume that’s smoke for the forest fire on the edge of Athens. Be safe.

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