…in the form



earlier this week,

a blessing

for a scorched land

A beautiful weekend, everyone!

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  1. I agree with Timothy. You take the loveliest images of the simplest of things. I hope more rain falls and drenches the parched earth. No more lightening, though, ok?

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  2. You make such beautiful images from the simplest things. I hope the rain is moderate and does not cause severe flooding from the baked earth.

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    • Thank you, my dear friend. I’d just got in my car and saw them, saw they were taken with my phone camera. Just a few drops fell in Athens and slightly more elsewhere but lightning caused a few small and thankfully short lived fires and it was accompanied by some strong winds, but still it was a blessing and temperature has dropped, so.. hopeful.

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      • After we had fires in 2011 in the Jemez, thunderstorms caused severe flooding because the rainfall could not soak into the scorched earth. The flooding destroyed Dixon Apple Farm that had operated for 75 years near Jemez Pueblo in a canyon along a tributary to the Rio Grande. Dixon Apple Farm had unique, world-famous apples that were delicious. The owners took some of the saplings to Wisconsin after the State would not renew their lease or allow them to rebuild the farm. In 2019, they brought a 40-foot truckload of their first harvest from Wisconsin to Albuquerque. The apples sold out in about an hour.

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