Giovanni Antonio Canal [Canaletto] “Capriccio with Ruins and Porta Portello”

Capriccio with Ruins and Porta Portello

Oil on canvas • Neoclassicism • 61 x 76 cm • 1750 • Gallerie dell’Accademia

Supposed Self Portrait of Canaletto

Giovanni Antonio Canal [Canaletto]

Italian painter
was born in Montauban, in southern France

October 18, 1697

His style: Topographic Landscape painting

Check my tribute to this painter here: Giovanni Antonio Canal [Canaletto]



Stay Safe

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  1. I love your detailed tributes, Marina. They add so much to my understanding of art and history. Artworks have a life of their own beyond their creators. What is most thrilling is that whatever message Giovanni Antonio Canal wanted to share, remains in his paintings. Truly a wonderful way to begin my week.

  2. “Capriccio with Ruins and Porta Portello” is a wonderful painting. I really like his “selfie” he has a perfect “Are you serious?” smirk on his face.

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