As Above So Below No4

As Above So Below #4

Technique: watercolour

Original Size: 34x24cm

detail 1

detail 2

from Marina Kanavaki series “As Above So Below” © 2012

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original post 22.06.2012 • 12:26


Inspired by the Oneness of “As Above So Below”,
A red forest under a blue sky, Above
and growing green in purple earth, Below.
Could this be a reflection or roots?
However seen, it is my imaginary forest
in search of its fulfillment.

Zooming in…
details from the painting. Click to view larger image
…this is where I discover tiny ‘strangers’ who invited themselves in!


$165 / 145€

“As Above So Below No4” © Marina Kanavaki – Framed

Original watercolor painting by Marina Kanavaki – Framed with mat • Dimensions: 33,5×43,5cm • Frame: Fibreboard, Foil • Front protection: Polystyrene plastic, Polyethylene • Passe-partout: Paper / white • Back panel: Wood-based panel • Value: Painting: $165 + Shipping: $33


Please make sure to email me before purchasing any of my paintings, for further details and availability [there’s only one! 😉 ]


$145 / 128€

“As Above So Below No4” © Marina Kanavaki – Unframed

Original watercolor painting on paper, by Marina Kanavaki – Unframed with mat • Dimensions: 30,5×40,5cm • Passe-partout: Paper – white • Value: $145 + Shipping: $18


Please make sure to email me before purchasing any of my paintings, for further details and availability [there’s only one! 😉 ]


If you wish to know more about the painting [concept, price & availability] or if you see something you like that has sold, I am happy to paint something similar as a commission, please get in touch at
My paintings are also available on art prints – framed or on canvas at Imagekind and specially designed on various everyday products at Society6[US] / Society6[Europe]

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  1. All are gorgeous, Marina, and I see reflection rather than roots, but I’m no expert either. I’m glad you shared again. Beautiful, my friend! 💗💗💗

  2. Amazing! As soon as I saw this extraordinary work, I ran out to my garden and hit the secret lever which flips everything over. Sure enough, the root system below was a subtly altered mirror image of the blossoms above.

    Which leads me to conclude: if you’re looking for inner truth, look no further than Marina Kanavaki, famous painter and horticulturist!! : )

    • At this point, my friend, I am seriously considering payment! 😆
      Can’t thank you enough! Your comments are works of art themsleves! I actually pictured you hitting that lever! 🙂
      I think I may have to add the ‘horticulturist’ to my resume!!
      Have a beautiful Friday evening and weekend!

  3. Hi Marina, lovely colours and a brilliant concept – makes me confused though which way up to look at it.hehehehe
    Sorry Greece didn’t make it past Germany, I was really wishing as hard as I could but such is life – such is football. Now if England somehow beat Italy on Sunday, we will have the pleasure of playing the Germans. grrrrrrr!!!!!

    • You may look at it as you like sweet Bones, As Above So Below! I’ll have my fingers crossed for you! Justice be told: Germany played very well yesterday, they deserved it.

  4. Beautiful! I like the contrast in colors between the top and bottom halves, and even the contrast in moods from both. You’ve blended the two brilliantly! (It also feels like each half is creating a reflection of its opposite self.)

  5. One of my all-time faves in this series Marina. The black through-line of the grounds surface and the tree trunks really adds a wonderful contrasts that seems to actually heighten the colors. Beautiful work in my opinion.

  6. marina, aina here. thanks for all the support. and for coming up with another masterpiece = ) More power!

  7. Hi marina, thanks!

    I have worked on my long-neglected blogroll links, made a new section “Visual arts’, and have added a link to your blog.

  8. Bonjour Marina, j’en veux un pareil à la maison! Je n’ai plus de superlatif, je te les ai déjà tous donnés … prochaine livraison de superlatifs attendue la semaine prochaine 😉
    Bonne journée (encore un peu de peinture STP).
    Amicalement. Eric

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