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  1. Another week of wonder!
    Thank you dahling!
    I had some internet issues today, so if I messed up in comments, I plead insanity!

  2. And here we arrive at 42 weeks, which, as well all know, contains the answer to life the universe, and everything. In the omniverse of our most talented Kanavakis, they have addressed life, the universe, and everything with a dogma of Digamma logo, a quick kickstart StartupNow Forum III program, a menu most colorful and appealing, the mysterious bullet and Rubik’s Cube book cover, a cinematic mission “reeled” in, a helping hand for flowery friends, and trippy art worthy of a Beatle’s cover. Life, the universe, and everything were well addressed in week 42, and no fish were harmed addressing them.

  3. Thank you, Marina, I’m printing off all my poems to help me decide which to illustrate. I wish you were closer, I’d be knocking on your door for advice! Have a wonderful week ahead 🌹🙋‍♂️

    • And it would be my pleasure! You can still ask me… if I can help in any way!
      Thank you, my friend and I wish you the very best. It’s a wonderful process, printing your work. Enjoy it! 🌷🌱

      • I might just do that Marina, but I’ll get them all into hard copy first and take it from there. Thank you. I’m not sure you can get the BBC but they did a great programme recently on Bridget Riley called “Painting the Line”. She’s 90 and still working. Amazing. Have a great week 🌹🙋‍♂️

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