Mussorgsky, Skalkottas, Helene & a Polar Bear

On the first two names:

composers Mussorgsky and Skalkottas were both born on this day.

Russian composer,

Modest Mussorgsky,

was born

March 21st, 1839.

I have chosenUne Larme” [A Tear] • Tomislav Baynov, piano

Greek composer,

Nikos Skalkottas

was born

March 21st, 1904.

I have chosenThe Trawler” [from the folk ballet “The Sea“] • Byron Fidetzis, Conductor • Iceland Symphony Orchestra

About Helene and a polar bear…

They are both a treat and a very generous gift from my good friend, Tim.

A Mexican Gray Wolf “Helene” and a polar bear virtually adopted in my name!

Some of you may know that I am a supporter of the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY and Polar Bears International [among many other shelters / endangered species & animal awareness organizations]. Receiving these two certificates, apart from being an extremely generous act from Tim, made me proud and happy beyond words! Thank you, Tim. It’s an unbelievable gift!

It may be cold and gray outside but if we look we can always find color.

Flowers for all my friends:

The view was another treat!


Happy Monday, everyone!


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  1. FABULOUS!!!
    Tim’s a gem.
    This is a perfect gift for you.
    There’s no end to his generosity.
    Due to supply chain issues, he is sending me PAPER. There is more, but I’ll wait until it, et al gets here… then do a special thank you post.
    It’s very exciting.
    There’s more!!!
    After I finish the current Art Gown, to be dedicated to Shey, I’m taking a chance and making one for Charlotte Hoather (soprano).
    I’m taking a chance because it will be the first Art Gown I will send for someone to wear, and I won’t be able to fit her in it. I believe I can do this. I’ve got a plan.
    The problem is SHIPPING! For sure this will cost an arm and a leg. Tim has offered to help with this.
    Charlotte and I are ecstatic!

    Marina, dahling, your choice of music is sweet and beautiful.


    • He really is a gem [I know you know! ;-)] and he couldn’t have picked a better birthday present! I’m just over the moon! No bounds to his generosity, indeed!
      Oh, goodness…. creating an Art Gown for Charlotte! How WONDERFUL!!!!! I can just imagine her wearing a creation by you! She’s just perfect! It would be brilliant if Charlotte could come visit you and then leave with her Art Gown! Oh, I can’t wait!!!!!!! I’m ecstatic too!

  2. Such a lovely post, Marina, and now it’s Wednesday. I’m slowly getting back into the groove of blogging after being away last week. Helene and both certificates warmed my heart. We support several endangered species, as well, but the recent is elephants. I read two non-fiction books and my heart was captured. The poaching of elephants and rhinos is unthinkable. Anyway, there are so many animals needing our help, so we do what we can. Your flowers are gorgeous, too!
    Thank you for this, my friend! xoxoxoxo

  3. Nice!

    Mention of polar bears now always makes me think of The Game. Gosh darnit, I’ve just lost The Game.


  4. You choice of music is truly spectacular. Ad Holly said – “beautiful and uplifting” which sets the tone for the entire week. Many thanks for all this post, Marina.

  5. Happy Monday dear Marina, this is beautiful and uplifting. We must get on board to save the beautiful polar bears that are running out of space to survive due to melting poles. Your choice of music. And pics are amazing. ❤️🤗🌸🌺🌷🌻🌼😘

    • I had looked up her name and discovered Hélène was the founder. I thought that was super cool, and one of the reasons I chose Hélène for Marina.

    • It truly is and a very generous and thoughtful one too!
      Yes, I do. She founded the center and this wolf is actually named after her. I was really impressed when I first heard her play Rachmaninoff, in 1986 – she was 17.

  6. A lot of great birthdays today. You are so deserving of Hélèna and the Polar Bear (they might make a good song title), and they of you. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

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