The Dreaded DST

From now on, The Dreaded Summer Time has an anthem which I’m going to be proudly singing for the next 7 months!!!!! Thank you, Tim!

Off Center & Not Even

When the time changed to Daylight Savings Time, Marina at Marina Kanavaki — Art Towards a Happy Day, made a comment about “the dreaded DST!” I told her that was a good song title. I had intended to write and record the song a couple of weeks ago, but DST got in the way. It seems I’m always coming up an hour short. I did the calculations to answer the question about how much daylight we save each year, and address them in the song.

The Dreaded DST
Lyrics and Music by Timothy Price
Inspired by Marina Kanavaki

Daylight blinds fools who have no skills
They create silly rules they are so unreal
Daylight’s scarce, why don’t we care?
We save it eight months out of… every year

Bedtime at ten feels like nine
Don’t feel sleepy? Have more wine
It’s midnight damn, the bottle’s empty
I’m still awake……

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